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Hey Guys!


There will be many resources for you to learn about the Lord and how to strengthen your walk in Him. Indeed, live for God by loving Him more, loving your neighbor, and hating sin.

Below you will find links for Modesty, Mission Trips, Preaching, Bible Tools, and much more.

Independent Baptist Churches I have visited

Murrayville Baptist Church

Lighthouse Baptist Church

Oakwood Baptist Church

Mission Trips or Missionaries you can visit

Mark Coffey – South Africa

Bearing Precious Seed – El Paso, Texas. Juarez, Mexico. Navajo Indian Reservations.

Vision Missions – List of Missionaries to Many Places

My Mission Trip Testimony to South Africa – Akeme Ubom

Christian Music

It is well with my soul – Chris Rice

Amazing Grace – Chris Tomlin

In Christ Alone – Adrienne Liesching and Geoff Moore

How He Loves Us – David Crowder Band

How Deep the Father’s Love for us – Fernando Ortega


Children of God – Bill Schick’s Testimony of Adoption and Third Day

Bethany Christian Adoption Services


Don’t be a Slave to the Culture

Preachers or Powerful Messages

Adrian Rodgers

Dealing with Issues – Kenny Baldwin

Which Ship are you on ? – Kenny Marr

The Generation to Come & The America of Tomorrow – Adrian Rodgers

Every Christian an Evangelist – Adrian Rodgers

God’s Three Deadlines – J Harold Smith

Famous Christian Movies

Passion of Christ



War Room

Facing the Giants

Christian Colleges

The Crown College

Baylor University

Bob Jones University

Pensacola Christian College

Campbell University

Bible Resources

King James Bible Store

The Bible as the Word of God

Online King James Bible

My Beliefs as a Independent Baptist

Independent Baptist Beliefs

What does it mean to be Saved





Terrifying Problems in Humanity

Human Trafficking


Prosperity Gospel and Materialism – False Prophets

World Hunger


Fatherless Homes

One World Religion – But there was, is, and will be only one Savior! Jesus Christ

Entertainment and Pleasure – An idol to many people



Children From Iglesia Bautista Tabernaculo in Jonesboro! My KIDS 🙂 I drive the church van and pick them up every Thursday. We always memorize Bible verses together for prizes and work HARD! They are deeply loved by God.


My Bible Verse Daughters!


Iglesia Bautista Tabernáculo



Let me know if you have any questions! evangelio.33@hotmail.com

Akeme Ubom